Cincinnati Pastries

Pastry Favorites from Cincinnati

Schnecken is a Cincinnati tradition, though it’s not as well known as the three-way or French pot ice cream. The most famous, from the Virginia Bakery (which closed several years back) has been kept alive by Busken, and is only available during the winter holidays. Servatii also does a version that is available year-round.

Double Butter Coffee Cake is the gooiest delectable coffee cake available making it a favorite from Graeter's. This coffee cake is part of the Cincinnati cuisine at holiday times and a popular choice for those who crave sweet foods as a breakfast treat.

Cinnamon Square Pastries are exactly as stated...tasty square cinnamon pastries like no other. Another Graeter's favorite for the Cincinnatians who remember.

If you have other Cincinnati pastry favorites...let us know.

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