Eckerlin Meats

Cincinnati's Best Goetta and Authentic German Sausage

Eckerlin Meats is one of the original shops in Findlay Market. Since 1852, Eckerlin Meats has been a family business and the company has passed down through four generations. Ernie Eckerlin was the first generation when he created the original Cincinnati slaughterhouse and retail stand at Findlay Market. Bob Lillis Jr. – the fourth generation and current store operator, still offers many original recipe favorites. Bob makes “Eckerlin’s Best Goetta” every day using the original recipe that is over 100 years old.  This local specialty, that Cincinnatians have come to know, is a mixture of pork, beef, pinhead oat meal, onions and spices, formed into a loaf and cooked slowly.

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Cincinnati Bratwurst Variety Pack (~6 lbs)Cincinnati Bratwurst Variety Pack (~6 lbs)2-14oz - Queen City Sausage Cooked Bratwurst
2 lbs - Eckerlin Old Fashioned White Bratwurst
2 lbs - Glier's Oktoberfest White Bratwurst
Cincinnati Goetta - Graeter's Ice Cream 4-Pack Combo (Eckerlin's, Glier's & QCS Goetta)Cincinnati Goetta - Graeter's Ice Cream 4-Pack Combo (Eckerlin's, Glier's & QCS Goetta)Eckerlin's, Glier's, Queen City Sausage Goetta or
Get combo of all 3 goetta w/Graeter's Ice Cream
Eckerlin Best GoettaEckerlin Best GoettaOriginal & Black Pepper Goetta
Voted Cincinnati's best Goetta
4 lbs $67.99
8 lbs $112.99
Eckerlin BockwurstEckerlin Bockwurst4 lbs $83.99
6 lbs $118.99
Eckerlin Breakfast Sausage LinksEckerlin Breakfast Sausage Links4 lbs $73.99
6 lbs $106.99
Eckerlin Cincinnati Super Bratwurst Pack (4 lbs)Eckerlin Cincinnati Super Bratwurst Pack (4 lbs)2 pounds of Fresh Bratwurst

2 pounds of Old Fashion White Bratwurst

Eckerlin Cincinnati Super Selection Package (6 lbs)Eckerlin Cincinnati Super Selection Package (6 lbs)1 pound of each: Mild Smoked Mettwurst, Hot Smoked Mettwurst, Super Hot Smoked Mettwurst, Old Fashion White Bratwurst, Mild Italian Sausage, and Who Dey Sausage
Eckerlin Cincinnati Super Smoked Mettwurst Selection PackEckerlin Cincinnati Super Smoked Mettwurst Selection Pack6lbs total - 2 lbs each of Mild, Hot & Super Hot Mettwursts
Eckerlin Cottage Hams (~5 lbs) 2 hamsEckerlin Cottage Hams (~5 lbs) 2 hams2 Hams approximately 5 lbs total
Eckerlin Down Home Sausage PattyEckerlin Down Home Sausage Patty5 lbs $60.99
10 lbs $105.99
Eckerlin Fresh BratwurstEckerlin Fresh Bratwurst4 lbs $78.99
8 lbs $139.99
Eckerlin Fresh KielbasaEckerlin Fresh Kielbasa4 lbs $70.99
8 lbs $133.99
Eckerlin Hot Polish SausageEckerlin Hot Polish Sausage4 lbs $64.99
8 lbs $121.99
Eckerlin Hot Smoked MettwurstEckerlin Hot Smoked Mettwurst4 lbs $74.99
8 lbs $123.99
Eckerlin Italian SausageEckerlin Italian Sausage4 lbs $79.99
8 lbs $137.99
Eckerlin Knockwurst (Garlic Franks)Eckerlin Knockwurst (Garlic Franks)4 lbs $72.99
8 lbs $119.99
Eckerlin Mild Smoked MettwurstEckerlin Mild Smoked Mettwurst4 lbs $74.99
8 lbs $123.99
Eckerlin Old Fashion White BratwurstEckerlin Old Fashion White Bratwurst4 lbs $72.99
8 lbs $127.99
Eckerlin Super Hot Smoked MettwurstEckerlin Super Hot Smoked Mettwurst4 lbs $74.99
8 lbs $123.99
Eckerlin Who Dey SausageEckerlin Who Dey Sausage
Tailgate Bengal Style
Special 'Who Dey' recipe
4 lbs $73.99
8 lbs $135.99
Goetta Variety Pack 6 lbsGoetta Variety Pack 6 lbs6 lbs of Goetta
2 lbs Eckerlin's; 2 lbs Glier's and 2 lbs Queen City Sausage


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